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1. A useful companion to making room for pro-choice republicans is to make room for pro-life democrats, as there once was. Perhaps they may even be willing to compromise in the ways you hope. Although, leveling down the presumption of absolute evil for each side seems…unlikely.

2. I’m curious if the author thinks counter majoritarian institutions are *always bad* or if there’s value in defending a vulnerable population against tyranny of the majority?

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What's going to happen is that the GOP is going to win and keep all branches of governments for the foreseeable future, make a huge mess out of the country, and somehow still find a way to blame "the left". Just watch. Things are going to get real bad before they eventually (very eventually) start to get better. Not even sure a secession can be excluded, btw.

We (that is we on the left) need to first progress through the stages of grief and accept the new reality, over which we have limited steering power.

That being said,

2) To the extent the GOP will be remotely interested in doing anything when it gets to power, Democrats can still exert some crucial influence from a minority position.

1) One day, not anytime soon but maybe within the next 20 years, the pendulum could swing strongly back to the left (perhaps after a truly disastrous right-wing governing spell), and we might finally have the huge majority needed to bring the clock forward once again. But in that case, the really interesting question to me is, will we get there with enough teeth (and less Manchins and Sinemas) to actually grab that opportunity?

I guess we'll see.

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Jun 25, 2022·edited Jun 25, 2022

well said, and applicable to numerous "progressive" policy ideas whereby the pursuit of the perfect (or perhaps more aptly the purest) has greatly damaged the enactment of the good.

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Folks like you keep pushing the idea that the current GOP is possible to work with. THIS IS DEMONSTRABLY UNTRUE. You are normalizing and accepting immoral behavior, dishonest statements and disrespectful treatment of minority populations. You, yes YOU, need to stop. Be an accomplice to a better world.

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