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I can't help but thinking that harmony with nature, detachment from possessions, and compassion toward others form the backbones of many eastern philosophies. I wonder if they trace their roots to creeds of abundance in earlier (maybe back to hunter-gatherer) societies when people had just enough to eat (or at least that's my understanding) and plenty of time on their hands.

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Ryan - I've been a fan since reading " The Wealth of Humans." You write with a special clarity that I believe speaks to the age in which we live.. I've already ordered Delong's new book and have read similar explorations on just why / how we got to now. Your reflections here speak to the void I hope to explore in a new MBA course which looks at the value of "spirituality," leadership and personal transformation when transactions seem to dominate every human endeavor. I wish you well.

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I’m mesmerized by your line of musings here Ryan. I just wanted them to go on wherever they would lead. Oh, like maybe, a book! Good luck mon.


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