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Jun 29, 2022Liked by Ryan Avent

this is what the book gravity's rainbow by thomas pynchon is about - the colony (united states) returns to europe after WWII, effectively recolonizing and absorbing it.

we are now over 50 years removed from when GR was written, so we are even further along the path pynchon lays out. gravity's rainbow ends with the suggestion that the united states use the v-2 rocket developed by the nazis to either destroy the earth through nuclear war or use it to colonize the stars.

what i think that pynchon could not have predicted was that what we would actually do is hold the rockets in reserve, destroy the planet through other means, then as the destruction reaches our shores, tell ourselves that ANY MINUTE NOW we'll get around to setting up those moon colonies.

still time to let the nukes fly i guess!

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